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We have received an unbelievable amount of positive feedback regarding our Color With Music adult coloring book series. We are in the process of creating a number of new books that will be ready in the coming months. We will continue to publish new books in the Color With Music series. We have also created a new series of Adult Coloring books called Color Your Way To Calm. These books will include color pencils and a pencil sharpener but will no long include a relaxation cd.

New Color With Music Coloring Books:

We are working on a number of new themed coloring books. These books will include all of the same great features that are already in our existing Color With Music adult coloring books.

New "Color Your Way To Calm" Coloring Book:

We are working on a brand new series and collection of adult coloring books. This series will be called the "Color Your Way To Calm" series and will include 12 color pencils and a pencil sharpener. This series of coloring books will still feature the protective inlay card, top-bound binding and 48 designs printed on detachable sheets. The only difference is it will not include the relaxation CD.

Below you can take a sneak peak at the new titles we are working on.