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The Story Behind Our Adult Coloring Books

Early in 2015 a long-standing customer approached our senior management team to look at the expanding and explosive growth of adult coloring books at retail with a challenge to design a new line of books that included music. We accepted the challenge and created our “Color With Music” line of adult coloring books. The first step was to include a music CD with beautiful music artfully blended with the sounds of nature.  Providing background music enhances the coloring experience or can be enjoyed while reading, walking or relaxing at home. In addition, our design team added new features that improved the standard format for coloring books, by addressing the following shortfalls:

Problem: Coloring books are generally made for right-handed individuals. 
  • Solution: Our coloring books are top-bound which makes coloring easy for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. This improvement ensures the book's binding will not interfere with your coloring, regardless of which hand you use.
        Problem: Many coloring sheets are suitable for crayons, but too thin for colored pencils or markers. Pencils and markers can bleed through, create indents or create marks on the underneath pages.
        • Solution: Our coloring books feature images printed on high quality single sided paper AND include an unique protective inlay card. This inlay card is designed to be placed underneath the page you are drawing on acting as a tablet to protect the next page from any marks.
            Problem: Difficulty removing a finished design from the coloring book. 
            • Solution: Each of our sheets is designed to easily be detached for framing or sharing.
                Bonus Feature: Each book includes a different relaxation music CD with beautiful music artfully mixed with the sounds of nature to aid in creating the perfect coloring experience. These CDs comes from our extensive library of quality sound recordings. 

                  Our “Color With Music” series currently has five (5) titles available. View our Collection. We currently have a number of new releases planned for early Spring and late Summer 2016. Get a sneak peak at our New Releases.

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