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Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

With the ever-growing popularity of adult coloring books you might be wondering, "what’s all the fuss about?" If you haven't heard of adult coloring books (or grown up coloring books as they are sometimes called), you soon will. 

Adult coloring books were one of the fastest and most popular trends of 2015 and are expected to continue into 2016. The graph below represents the search trend for the term "adult coloring book". As you can see there has been tremendous growth over the past 2 years.

Adult Coloring Book Search Trend

In case you are new to these coloring books, the main difference between a coloring book for children and a coloring book for adults is instead of cartoonish characters or simple designs, adult coloring books are filled with very detailed images and patterns that can take hours to complete.

With the increasing number of adults interested in coloring, people have started to create "Coloring Parties" and "Coloring Clubs." These coloring parties and clubs are a great way for friends and family to get together, socialize, color and share their artwork. Libraries, universities and community centers have started creating their own coloring parties and clubs to try and facilitate a sense of community and bring people together.

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